About Us

We set up DGTL Cine Hire as we realised how hard it can be to rent high quality production equipment outside London, Birmingham or Manchester.

We aim to provide a quick, easy rental experience, drawing on our experience of what gear works well. 

To rent our equipment we require ID and proof of address before your first rental. We can then provide rentals from a few days up to over a month as required. 

We have a full range of production equipment for rental, from Red Cinema cameras through to DJI drones and lighting kit. 

For your convenience, we have collated items together in packages, but if you require something custom please get in touch!

Camera Bodies


Excellent service provided by Cinehire and Sam. Starting off with being very punctual and understood all our requirements for lighting and the effects we wanted. Gave really creative input being on set too. Definitely recommend to hire the equipment and Cinehire’s gaffer services.

Amit Mahajan
Amit Mahajan

I rented their RED Gemini production package with lenses, lights and Movi Pro gimbal. Great service, price and advice on how to rig the camera. They have a good selection of lights for most scenes inside and out and if they can even provide a gaffer or AC service. Ask Sam for help and he’ll give some free advice.

Ben Hale
Ben Hale

Proud to supply kit from