We are excited to be expanding the range of lighting and grip equipment available for hire via Cinehire. We’ve added new stands, lights, and more for you to check out. We’ve highlighted a few bits of kit that we think are particularly interesting below:

Aputure 60x LED

Want to try out the new Aputure LS 60x before it is generally released in the UK for sale? We have a unit available to hire now, from £18 / day. We also have a wide range of other Aputure lights and modifiers available to suit any size production.

CRLS C-move System

The Lightbridge CRLS is an innovative light modifier reflector system. It comes beautifully packaged up in an integral case and has some unique capabilities. The CRLS is not common in UK hire houses, and we are excited to offer it at a market-leading price.

Alongside these larger items, we have added lots of new smaller grip and lighting options. We also have the ability to crew your production with staff that know our kit inside out, at competitive prices. Please get in touch for more information.